Firmware Update
Flipper Mobile App
  • Firmware and database update
  • File manager
  • Online file sharing
  • App Catalog
  • Remote control of Flipper Zero
Mobile app for Flipper Zero, runs on iOS/Android
Update via PC
  • Firmware and database update
  • Device recovery
  • File manager
  • Remote control of Flipper Zero
  • Backup and restore settings and user data
qFlipper — desktop application for Flipper Zero
Developer Tools
Firmware sources
  • Flipper Zero firmware sources — official firmware source written in C language and licensed under GPL v3.

  • Flipper Build Tool (FBT) — all-in-one firmware development toolkit with Visual Studio Code support. Read FBT Documentation
Source code of Flipper Zero firmware packaged with build and debug toolkit (FBT)
Applications SDK
Micro Flipper Build Tool (uFBT) — toolkit for developing user applications for Flipper Zero
Micro Flipper Build Tool (uFBT) — all-in-one toolkit for developing your applications for Flipper Zero.
It automatically download and install latest firmware headers, debug symbols and building toolchain. uFBT provides full Visual Studio Code integration.

Read uFBT Documentation to start.
Install uFBT on
python3 -m pip install --upgrade ufbt
Install uFBT on
py -m pip install --upgrade ufbt