This page contains compliance documents of Flipper Devices Inc products
Compliance Documents
The use of Flipper Devices Inc. protected marks, including the brand name, product name, and all applicable logos and/or insignias as indicated by USPTO 6660671, 6563982, 6660670 & WIPO IR: 1649712, 1649240, 1651076 without prior written authorization from Flipper Devices will be considered in violation of this policy, and subject to a civil takedown, legal process, or both. Similarly, the use of these protected terms to create an artificial connection with Flipper Devices Inc. is strictly prohibited, and your content/account will be taken down, frozen, or terminated subject to the required process. It does not matter if you are a fan or a follower, or even if you purchase the device — without specific written authorization these marks are restricted.
Patents & Trademarks
Flipper Zero
Model FZ.1
Единый реестр нотификаций о характеристиках шифровальных (криптографических) средств и товаров, их содержащих
Eurasian Economic Union (RU / KZ / BY)
Евразийский экономический союз
Wifi Devboard
Model WD.1
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